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What We Do

Laptop Repair / Desktop Repair

PC & Laptop repair services, internal cleaning, and components to optimize its performance, this makes your computer work like new again.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Keeping your computer safe and with the latest updates is important to avoid hacker attacks, installing an antivirus is your best defense against any vulnerability.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

You can get a free valuation. Our recovery service has given encouragement to many users who assumed their lost information before contacting us.

Network Design

The growth of your business is always accompanied by the design of your data network, when you require new connections to your network we can make the required adaptations.

Migration to new PC

No problem, we transfer all the information from your old computer to your new computer. Software, Configuration, Favorites, Contacts, Data, Calendar, E-Mails, etc.

IT Outsourcing

Specialized service with more than 10 years of experience in repair, recovery, and maintenance. We are the best IT support for your home or company.


Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We offer professional onsite repairs on both desktop and laptop computers. We will inspect your computer and give you a thorough diagnosis to give you an accurate FREE estimate.

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

You can delegate all the IT management in our hands, with the confidence and security of having at your service our experience to solve any type of problem.

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What People Are Saying

Customer service is highly recommended, very fast and efficient, they were available just when my computer was failing, I was able to retrieve all my information and at a very affordable price.

Adele Smith

Wonderful service, the staff explained to me why there are failures in my laptop and he recommended me to back up my information before it felled.

Theresa Reeves

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