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Firmware Update

Firmware / BIOS update to our clients Get a Quote Pickup / Delivering Materials Departments are responsible for securely packing items for outbound shipment, and placing labels on all items to be shipped before Delivery picks them up. Approving or Rejecting Service During the process of updating or loading firmware, an item can be accepted

Website Design

We Design Your Website You can rely on the Help Desk Services & Web for a fully responsive website ready to convert the lead. With our marketing and advertising methods, you’ll get a great range of customers over a short span of time via the internet. Efficient performance of the website needs an extra kick

Infrastructure Deployment.

Infrastructure Deployment. IT infrastructure deployment typically involves defining the sequence of operations or steps, often referred to as a deployment plan, that must be carried to deliver changes into a target system environment. The individual operations within a deployment plan can be executed manually or automatically. Deployment plans are usually well defined and approved prior

Data Recovery.

Data Recovery.   If your personal computer or server with more demanding business applications suddenly stops responding or your hard drive simply crashes, what are you going to do? If you are an individual or a large corporation, sometimes data recovery is the only alternative. [wpforms id=”246″] Please follow and like us:


Installation of Computer Networks We are a company specialized in installations of voice and data wiring or structured wiring. We install and maintain your computer network and your local connections, to the Internet or with delegations.   Our Department of Network cabling installations and computer networks performs voice and data wiring installations using UTP cable,

Desktop Repairing.

FULL Repair and maintenance Service There are many daily tasks done via desktop/laptop and you want the impeccable performance of your computer. Whether you want to use your computer for programming purposes or required for preparing a report or any other workstation, your computer should provide solid performance. Are you skeptical about your computer’s performance

Scheduled Maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance. Planned or scheduled maintenance is a list of predetermined maintenance actions carried out at regular time intervals that are aimed at the prevention of breakdowns. It has been proven again and again that sporadic ongoing repair leads to asset deterioration, a shorter asset lifetime and increased long-term capital cost. The primary goal of


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