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Desktop Repairing.

FULL Repair and maintenance Service

There are many daily tasks done via desktop/laptop and you want the impeccable performance of your computer. Whether you want to use your computer for programming purposes or required for preparing a report or any other workstation, your computer should provide solid performance.

Are you skeptical about your computer's performance and not working as usual? Having more than 10 years of experience, our team has served thousands of clients so far.

amazing time frame and immediate Response

We at Help Desk Services & Web provides excellent computer diagnostics & repair services to make getting your desktop fixed within an amazing time frame. So if you find any glitch or major error in your desktop don’t take the time anymore allowing yourself to sustain with the same, just get closer at Help Desk & Services and we’re here to say bye your problem.

virus cleanup and data recovery

Help Desk Services & Web is the professional Computer Repair Services Provider at San Jose, CA. We help you in optimizing the performance of your desktop/laptop by detecting and removal of spyware, malware, viruses, and extraneous bloat-ware programs at the best prices. We at Help Desk Services &
Web also find out the lost data of your desktop with softwares experts.

quality services

Help Desk Services & Web offers various quality services like Desktop Repair, Hardware repair, Software Repair, Casing Repair/Replacement, etc. Our team has vendor certificate engineers capable of providing effective and cost-effective solutions for any kind of hardware/software issue on your
computer or workstations.

Our in-house professionals can diagnose a significant issue in no time and suggest a solution to fix your PC concurrently.

Help Desk Services & Web also has a stock of all IT spare parts to deliver faster repair-turn around times to its clients.

some of Our Support Services:

Desktop/Laptop Troubleshooting

We provide solution to more than 1000 known problems with the most viable solution to avoid damaging your computer equipment.

Desktop/Laptop Installation/ Setup

Do you need help moving your equipment to other facilities? We help you move your technological infrastructure.

Software Upgrades/Installation

You should keep the performance of your desktop up by critical updates and it should prioritize by every computer user.

All components Replacement

When a component of your equipment has been identified as defective or close to presenting a fault, we have the necessary components to change them in a timely manner.

OS Updates

Security updates of your operating system revolve around problems that have been discovered recently. If you have any of the vulnerable software programs installed on your computer, you should install the corresponding updates.

Cleaning Maintenance

The maintenance of an office requires a lot of organization, since there are many tasks to be carried out and facilities to review. For this, maintenance activities are divided into different action plans.

Desktop/Laptop Technical Support

We can provide assistance in the presence or remotely to offer a response to your support query in the shortest possible time.

Anti-Virus Detection/Removal

We help you in optimizing the performance of your desktop/laptop by detecting and removal of spyware, malware, viruses, and extraneous bloat-ware programs at the best prices

Wired/Wireless Networking

Wiring installation for home / office. RJ45 terminal crimping service (network cable). wiring for voice and data. Labeling, identification, maintenance of networks. placement of pipe, ladder, and any other network stuf.

Motherboard Replacement

A motherboard is a printed circuit board, with some integrated components and to which the essential components of a computer are connected. It is, therefore, a fundamental element in the design of computing devices. We can change the motherboard of your computer if it has been damaged

Memory Upgrades

Updating the RAM of your Desktop or Laptop is another way to give your computer agility, especially when you use several programs at the same time. We help you to do it correctly.

Data Recovery

Losing part or all of our data from a device due to failure of it, by an attack by a virus or by deleting it by mistake, can become catastrophic. Take timely corrective action can recover deleted data

Workstations ASAP!

We guarantee the optimal operation of your workstation and we install new workstations faster than anyone else.

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