Working Hours
Mon - Sat: 8am to 6pm

Firmware Update

Firmware / BIOS update to our clients

Pickup / Delivering Materials

Departments are responsible for securely packing items for outbound shipment, and placing labels on all items to be shipped before Delivery picks them up.

Approving or Rejecting Service

During the process of updating or loading firmware, an item can be accepted or rejected. We only consider those approved.

confidentiality and secure data

Customers need to be able to trust our team will protect information shared in confidence. Exclusive use for upgrade proposal.

records saved to the cloud

If the customer so requires processed and stored records, they can be easily accessed through our cloud tools. Always available and updated on real time.

Manufacturing: Firmware Load / Update Service

Firmware is a kind of software embedded into a hardware device.

Providers release the latest version of Operating System for the specific device so you’ll have to upgrade your device with the latest upgrade. The process of performing this action is called the firmware upgrade.

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