Working Hours
Mon - Sat: 8am to 6pm

Installation of Computer Networks

We are a company specialized in installations of voice and data wiring or structured wiring.

We install and maintain your computer network and your local connections, to the Internet or with delegations.


Our Department of Network cabling installations and computer networks performs voice and data wiring installations using UTP cable, FTPs or SFTPs of category 6 or higher and / or fiber optic depending on the needs raised.

We are expert installers of networks and structured cabling. We offer you the possibility of having only one supplier to put into operation your wiring network or computer network facilities.

We plan and install the infrastructure of computer connection through wiring, with a Wi-Fi network or both combined infrastructures.


Install and configure your local area network, your telephone exchange and telephones, your connections with delegations and your Internet connection in an efficient and safe way.

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