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Scheduled Maintenance.

Scheduled Maintenance.

Planned or scheduled maintenance is a list of predetermined maintenance actions carried out at regular time intervals that are aimed at the prevention of breakdowns. It has been proven again and again that sporadic ongoing repair leads to asset deterioration, a shorter asset lifetime and increased long-term capital cost.

The primary goal of scheduled maintenance is to prevent equipment failure before it actually occurs. This includes inspections, adjustments, regular service and planned shutdowns. Standard scheduled maintenance checks like this can help increase the lifetime of your assets and reduce the need for part repair or replacement.



The preventive maintenance that we perform on our customers’ equipment can reduce their operational costs by up to 40%; services of HD Services & Web combines the technical part with the consultancy. On the one hand, we monitor the breakdowns, detect anomalies to make timely repairs, analyze the correct operation and performance of the equipment, replace damaged parts and inspect the security.



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